December 2, 2020

Electric vehicle companies are going to join hands to accelerate the development of charging stations

The overwhelming challenge for the electric vehicle industry is the scarcity of charging stations. This challenge is still prevailing even though the electric vehicle manufacturers are upgrading batteries’ technology to increase the mileage range of these cars in a single charge. The electric vehicle manufacturers are considering developing more charging stations to minimize the anxiety among consumers and activate the uptake of more electric vehicles. This move will also enable them to develop more electric vehicle brands without fear of them stacking up in warehouses.

The companies want to ensure that the EV charging infrastructure is available every three kilometers, and they are operational. Additionally, they hope that the staff they will plant into these warehouses can report complaints and explain when the stations need maintenance. EV Connect chief executive Jordan Ramer explained that the development and maintenance of charging infrastructure would inform a rise in th uptake rate of electric vehicles.

The developers of charging stations are looking forward to partner with refill stations that still want an in on this trendy transition. They hope to integrate charging facilities in their centers to motivate car fanatics to purchase electric models. Nevertheless, they are working to fix the challenges that the installed charging stations will be experiencing. The electric vehicle manufacturers revealed that they would be installing a software program in the cars that link the vehicles to charging stations to alert the EV users on the nearby charge points. Additionally, somr of these manufacturers have pledged to develop charging infrastructure in all the metropolitan regions before 2025. A good example is a partnership between General Motors and EVgo charging station developer. These two companies will develop close to 3000 charging stations in the urban centers.

Other states and cities are also developing charging stations to ramp up the uptake of electric vehicles. These states hope that they would have over half of the car users transition to clean energy electric vehicles to minimize pollution and catalyze the achievement of the Paris agreement regulations on climate change. Ramer revealed that they are advising customers to subscribe to electric vehicles’ purchase agreements now that they have added incentives to make them affordable. Ramer explained that the EV manufacturers are developing more tantalizing products that car fanatics will love ranging from swift sports cars, heavy trucks, motorcycles, and three-wheelers. To sum up, the partnership among EV manufacturers to establish more charging stations will create new avenues for the advertisement of electric vehicles and open a new path to use renewables.