December 2, 2020

A new satellite operator intends to automate the movement of satellites in space to cushion against collisions. 

A new space company is utilizing its resources to develop programs that will highlight upcoming collisions by sending alert signals. Kayhan Space raised about $600000 in its first campaign overseen by Overline to facilitate this project that it will be undertaking. 

The raised funds will enter the Kayhan Satellite Collision Assessment and Avoidance System project to activate its operations. The project intends to link satellite operators and notify them about the obstacles and debris in their pathway to enable them to blast through or meander around them. The US Space Force was offering this program under the 18th Space Control Squadron by sending CDMs to the satellite operators, although the data was not comprehensive. 

The CEO of Kayhan Space, Siamak Hesar, explained that the CDMs from the US 18th Space Control Squadron provides fewer details about the approaching object. He said that his company would be analyzing the obstacle while it is safe and sending the details to the satellite operator to take action. 

The primary objective of Kayhan Space is to analyze these CDMs and reveal the nature of the obstacle. The company said that it would be working with the larger satellite operators who have more experience observing and handling the debris and obstacles that they encounter along the orbital path. 

Hesar explained that Kayhan Space would be going beyond its limits to estimate the satellite’s maneuverability around the incoming obstacle. This move will be through the automated systems assessing the size and impact of the debris. 

The co-managing head of Overline, Sean O’Brien, explained that the company aids spaceflight engineers to clear interference signals that might make them incur costs on unnecessary navigation patterns. He added that such technological progress would help the space industry to expand. 

Kayhan Space has been using the Defense Department information to develop automated systems. It intends to collaborate with more agencies with aperture zooming systems to study the incoming objects in space orbits. The company welcomes help from other commercial satellite operators, provided their plans do not threaten the programs’ confidentiality. 

The company has paired up with two satellite operators who own approximately 20 satellites to make its objective come true. Additionally, the company is about to land a mega satellite operator to widen its coverage scope. 

Kayhan Space intends to go beyond the conjunction messages to other details of satellite navigation in space. The company stated that it hopes to make satellites’ navigation in space smooth to serve their intended purpose efficiently. 

In conclusion, the company is conducting more research and development on its program to understand how it can modify it to meet the customers’ demands. The company reiterated its objective of making space safe for satellite exploration.