Glavkosmos to sell Soyuz mission seats

Glavkosmos, the private arm of Russian space agency by the name Roscosmos, has declared its plan to join the space tourism market by offering commercial space explorers a minimum of 4 Soyuz seats by 2023. Roscosmos, with a long-standing partnership with the American company Space Adventures, has previously offered such chairs. Glavkosmos tweeted its intention to begin selling seats in the month of December, which a spokesman for the company has since reported. “We assume that every crewed Soyuz MS spacecraft meant specifically for the commercial space flight will also have two space tourist seats” with the third seat filled by a trained astronaut, Glavkosmos spokesperson Evgenii Kolomeets informed SpaceNews.

“With a favorable mix of circumstances in 2022-2023, we can rely on 4-seats aboard the commercial spacecraft for the space tourists.” Soyuz MS-23 is scheduled to become the very first dedicated Glavkosmos flight throughout the fall of the year 2022 to the ISS, with such a second flight scheduled sometime in the year 2023″Between 2022 and 2023 deployment campaigns, commercial spacecraft as well as launch vehicles are being developed, as well as particular mission numbers are only allocated to space shuttle after they inclusion into the flight program,” Kolomeets stated.

He continued that Glavkosmos was studying the prospect of even supplying commercial astronauts with seats on the regular Soyuz missions of the Russian government to as well as from International Space Station. On these missions, the selling of additional seats is how the space travelers have historically flown to the base. Roscosmos and Space Adventures have now contracted for 2-dedicated passenger flights outside of these agreements. The first is expected for December as well as the second is set for June 2023 that includes the spacewalk option. Assuming these arrangements remain unchanged, two dedicated Soyuz commercial flights will take place in 2023.

It is thought that Roscosmos, as well as Glavkosmos, have quite a pipeline of the private buyers distinct from those bargaining with Space Adventures. Moreover, the Russian authorities have pointed to countries like Bahrain, Egypt, as well as Turkey as those that have expressed interest in bringing a person into orbit. Kolomeets just said that Glavkosmos “negotiates with a range of additional clients.” Glavkosmos is a division of Russia’s Roscosmos State Space Corporation. On February 26, 1985, the USSR Ministry of the General Machine Building signed an order establishing the Main Department to develop and utilise space technology advancement for the scientific research and national economy, Glavkosmos of USSR.